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Recent Discussion Papers

The Ruhr Economic Papers are a joint publication of the Economic Departments of Ruhr-Universität Bochum, University of Dortmund, University of Duisburg-Essen and RWI. The RGS Econ participates via the Universities and RWI. Ruhr Economic Papers present the latest research results of the members of the Economic Departments, of RWI and RGS Econ to the scientific research community before they are published in scientific journals. A number of selected discussion papers by recent RGS students are listed below.

The Ruhr Economic Papers are downloadable as pdf-files from the RWI homepage or at the Social Science Research Network.  Most of the papers listed here have a direct link to the pdf download page for your convenience.

Older Ruhr Discussion papers: from 2010 to 2006.


Dang, R. (2015). Explaining the Body Mass Index Gaps between Turkish Immigrants and Germans in West Germany 2002-2012 - A Decomposition Analysis of Socio–economic Causes. Ruhr Economic Papers #580.

Dang, R. (2015). Spillover Effects of Local Human Capital Stock on Adult Obesity – Evidence from German Neighborhoods. Ruhr Economic Papers #585.

Decker, S. and H. Schmitz (2015). Health Shocks and Risk Aversion. Ruhr Economic Papers #581.

Belke A., U. Haskamp, G. Schnabl und H. Zemanek. (2015). Beyond Balassa and Samuelson - Real Convergence, Capital Flows and Competitiveness. Ruhr Economic Papers #577.

Ludwig, J. (2015). Is there Heterogeneity in the Response of Consumption to Income Shocks? Ruhr Economic Papers #595.

Herrmann, F. (2015). Evaluating the Interpaly of Monetary Polocy, Term Premia and the Economy. Discussion Paper SFB 823, 42/15.

Moghadam, H. M. (2015). Price and Non-Price Competition in Oligopoly – An Analysis of Relative Payoff Maximizers. Ruhr Economic Papers #575.

Moghadam, H. M. (2015). The Nonparametric Approach to Evolutionary Oligopoly. Ruhr Economic Papers #576.

Andreella C., M. Karlsson, T. Nilsson and M. Westphal (2015). The long shadows of past insults - Intergenerational transmission of health over 130 years. Ruhr Economic Papers #571.

Kamhöfer D. A., H. Schmitz und M. Westphal (2015). Heterogeneity in Marginal Non-Monetary Returns to Higher Education. Ruhr Economic Papers #591.


Pilny, A. and Stroka M. (2014). Choice of Received Long-Term Care - Individual Responses to Regional Nursing Home Provisions. Ruhr Economic Papers #525.

Pilny, A. (2014). Mergers and Acquisitions in the German Hospital Ownership Market - Who are the Targets?. Ruhr Economic Papers #518.

Pilny, A. (2014). Explaining Differentials in Subsidy Levels among Hospital Ownership types in Germany. Ruhr Economic Papers #517.

Pilny, A. and Mennicken, R. (2014). Does Hospital Reputation Influence the Choice of Hospitals? Ruhr Economic Papers #516.

Klein, M. and Krause, C. (2014). Income Redistribution, Consumer Credit, and Keeping up with the Riches. Ruhr Economic Papers #509.

Strupat, C. (2014). Does Timing of Health and Family Planning Services Matter? Age at First Birth and Educational Attainment in Indonesia. Ruhr Economic Papers #503.

Leininger, W. and H. Moghadam (2014). Evolutionary Stability in Asymmetric Oligopoly. A Non-Walrasian Result. Ruhr Economic Papers #497.

Giesecke, M. and S. Okoampah (2014). Inequality of Opportunity in Retirement Age - The Role of Physical Job Demands. Ruhr Economic Papers #492.

Giesecke, M. (2014). Actuarial Adjustments, Retirement Behaviour and Worker Heterogeneity. Ruhr Economic Papers #490.

Ludwig, J. (2014). The Role of Education and Household Composition for Transitory and Permanent Income Inequality. Ruhr Economic Paper #478.

Garmann, S. (2014). Does the Nomination Scheme of the City Manager Matter for Urban Development Policies?. Ruhr Economic Papers #476.

Procher, V., N. Ritter and Vance C. (2014). Making Dough or Baking Dough? Spousal Housework Responsibilities in Germany, 1992-2011. Ruhr Economic Papers #472.


Conze, M. and Kramm, M. (2013) The Recommendation Effect in the Hotelling Game - A New Result for an Old Model. Ruhr Economic Papers #460.

Belau, J. (2013) Efficient Formulas and Computational Efficiency for Glove Games. Ruhr Economic Papers #456.

Messow, P. (2013) Discriminating between GARCH and stochastic volatility via nonnested hypotheses testing, SFB 823 Discussion Papers, 27/13.

Kind, M. and Kleibrink J. (2013). Sooner or Later – Economic Insecurity and the Timing of First Birth. Ruhr Economic Papers #422.

Droff, J. and Paloyo A. (2013). Assessing the Regional Economic Impacts of Defense Activities – A Survey of Methods. Ruhr Economic Papers #417.

Procher, V., D. Urbig and Volkmann C. (2013). Time to BRIC It? – Internationalization of European Family Firms in Europe, North America and the BRIC Countries. Ruhr Economic Papers #416.

Paloyo, A. and Reichert A. R., (2013).
Biting Back at Malaria – Self-Medication, Traditional Healers, and the Public Sector. Ruhr Economic Papers #411

Giesecke, M. and Kind, M. (2013). Bridge Unemployment in Germany: Response in Labour Supply to an Increased Early Retirement Age. Ruhr Economic Papers #410.

vom Berge, P., Frings, H. and Paloyo, A. (2013). High-Impact Minimum Wages and Heterogenous Regions. Ruhr Economic Papers #408.

Peters, J., Sievert, M. and Strupat, C. (2013). Impacts of a Micro-Enterprise Clustering Program on Firm Performance in Ghana. Ruhr Economic Papers #407.

Alecke, B., Burgard, C. and Mitze, T. (2013). The Effect of Tuition Fees on Student Enrollment and Location Choice - Interregional Migration, Border Effects and Gender Differences. Ruhr Economic Papers #404.

Procher, V. and Vance, C. (2013). Who does the Shopping? - German Time-use Evidence, 1996-2009. Ruhr Economic Papers #393.


Klemm, M. (2012). Job Security Perceptions and the Saving Behavior of German Households. Ruhr Economic Papers #380.

Klemm, M. (2012). Job Security and Fertility: Evidence from German Reunification. Ruhr Economic Papers #379.

Kind, M. and Haisken-DeNew, J. P. (2012). Son's Unexpected Long Term Scarring due to Fathers' Unemployment. Ruhr Economic Papers #375.

Flake, R. (2012). Multigenerational Living Arrangements among Migrants. Ruhr Economic Papers #366.

Peters, J., Strupat, C. and Vance, C. (2012). Television and Contraceptive Use - Panel Evidence from Rural Indonesia. Ruhr Economic Papers #365.

Kind, M. and Kleibrink, J. (2012). Time is Money - The Influence of Parenthood Timing on Wages. Ruhr Economic Papers #344.

Garmann, S. (2012). Do Coalitions Really Cause Larger Government Expenditures? - Mixed Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity Design. Ruhr Economic Papers #339.

Helbach, C., Keldenich, K., Rothgang, M. and Yang, G. (2012). Call Me if You Can - An Experimental Investigation of Information Sharing in Knowledge Networks. Ruhr Economic Papers #332.

Helbach, C. and Keldenich, K. (2012). Teaching in the Lab: Financial Incentives in the Education Process. Ruhr Economic Papers #328.

Belau, J. (2012). A New Outside Option Value for Networks: The Kappa-Value - Measuring Distribution of Power of Political Agreements. Ruhr Economics Paper #326.

Keldenich, K. (2012). Group Membership and Communication in Modified Dictator Games. Ruhr Economic Papers #322.

Burgard, C. (2012). Gender Differences in Further Training Participation - The Role of Individuals, Households and Firms. Ruhr Economic Papers #320.

Messow, P. (2012). Pricing Synthetic CDOs Using a Three Regime Random-Factor-Loading Model. Ruhr Economic Papers #317.

Procher, V. and Vance, C. (2012). Heterogeneity in the Correlates of Motorized and Non-Motorized Travel in Germany – The Intervening Role of Gender. Ruhr Economic Papers #314.

Körner, T. (2012).  Board Accountability and Risk Taking in Banking – Evidence from a Quasi-Experiment. Ruhr Economic Papers #313.

Krämer, W. and Messow, P. (2012). Structural Change and Spurious Persistence in Stochastic Volatility. Ruhr Economic Papers #310.



Schmitz, H. and Ziebarth, N. R. (2011). In Absolute or Relative Terms? How Framing Prices Affects the Consumer Price Sensitivity of Health Plan Choice. Ruhr Economic Papers #304.

Dobnik, F. (2011). Energy Consumption and Economic Growth Revisited: Structural Breaks and Cross-section Dependence. Ruhr Economic Papers #303.

Paloyo, A. (2011). When Did We Begin to Spell “Heteros*edasticity” Correctly? Ruhr Economic Papers #300.

Klemm, M. (2011). You Don‘t Know what You‘ve got till It‘s Gone! Unemployment and Intertemporal Changes in Self-Reported Life Satisfaction. Ruhr Economic Papers #297.

Heufer, J. (2011). The Washroom Game.  Ruhr Economic Papers #293.

Paloyo, A., Reichert, A. R., Reinermann, H., and Tauchmann, H. (2011). The Causal Link Between Financial Incentives and Weight Loss – An Evidence-based Survey of the Literature. Ruhr Economic Papers #290.

Heufer, J. (2011). Stochastic Dominance and Nonparametric Comparative Revealed Risk Aversion. Ruhr Economic Papers #289.

Flake, R. (2011). Gender Differences in the Intergenerational Earnings Mobility of Second-Generation Migrants. Ruhr Economic Papers #283.

Keldenich, K. and Klemm, M. (2011). Double or Nothing!? Small Groups Making Decisions Under Risk in “Quiz Taxi”. Ruhr Economic Papers #278.

Heufer, J. (2011). Crime, Inequality, and the Private Provision of Security. Ruhr Economic Papers #269.

Bachmann, R., Baumgarten, D., and Stiebale, J. (2011). Cross-border Investment, Heterogeneous Workers, and Employment Security – Evidence from Germany. Ruhr Economic Papers #268.

Burgard, C. and Görlitz, K. (2011). Continuous Training, Job Satisfaction and Gender – An Empirical Analysis Using German Panel Data. Ruhr Economic Papers #265.

Bauer, T. K., Bender, S., Paloyo, A., and Schmidt C. M. (2011). Do Guns Displace Books? – The Impact of Compulsory Military Service on Educational Attainment. Ruhr Economic Papers #260.

Trax, M. (2011). Productivity and the Internationalization of Firms – Cross-border Acquisitions versus Greenfield Investments. Ruhr Economic Papers #259.

Keese, M. (2011). Thrifty Wives and Lavish Husbands? – Bargaining Power and Financial Dicisions in Germany. Ruhr Economic Papers #258

Bauer, T. K., Flake, R., and Sinning, M. (2011). Labor Market Effects of Immigration – Evidence from Neighborhood Data. Ruhr Economic Papers #257

Bredemeier, C. and Goecke, H. (2011). Sticky Prices vs. Sticky Information – A Cross-Country Study of Inflation Dynamics. Ruhr Economic Papers #255

Beckmann, J., Belke, A., and Dobnik, F. (2011). Cross-section Dependence and the Monetary Exchange Rate Mode – A Panel Analysis. Ruhr Economic Papers #252.

Dobnik, F. (2011). Long-run Money Demand in OECD Countries – Cross-Member Cointegration. Ruhr Economic Papers #237.  

Belau, J. (2011). Outside Options in Probabilistic Coalition Situations. Ruhr Economic Papers #236.

Older Ruhr Discussion papers: from 2010 to 2006.